We're looking for entrepreneurs with a nose for opportunity.
Mission-driven in a rapidly expanding market.


Medical insurance for pets—a thriving industry growing 14% annually—has less than 2% market penetration. That’s where you come in.


Our culture has changed. Pets are family. And it’s instinctual to do everything possible to ensure their well-being. Trupanion is on a mission to help the pets we all love receive the very best care.

Territory Partners serve as our vital link to veterinarians who are on the front line of advancing the welfare of cats and dogs. As a Territory Partner, you’ll operate as an independent business owner within an exclusive region averaging 250 veterinary hospitals. 

We’ll provide the training tools and resources you need to successfully engage with the communities you service. And you’ll get a healthy dose of tail wags and purrs along the way.

A model that works for you.

Our 100% commission-based model means you’ll be directly compensated for the work you put in. With our residual income plan, your business can gain momentum, achieve longevity, and provide you with the opportunity for uncapped income.

A partnership you can depend on.

We have the tools and training you’ll need to build strong relationships with veterinarians and hospital teams. And by partnering with the leading provider of medical insurance for pets, your success will help more furry family members receive the very best care.

Territory Partners are a special breed.


Successful Territory Partners are entrepreneurial and understand the drive and commitment it takes to build a business from the ground up. Our top performers enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being their own boss, and aren’t deterred by the time it takes to get established and start earning. They find satisfaction in directing their own efforts, see challenges as opportunities, and have a dogged determination to nurture relationships.


Current open markets:

Charlotte, NC

Pittsburgh, PA

St. Louis, MO

Greenville, SC

South Phoenix, AZ

Tampa, FL

North Phoenix, AZ

Springfield, IL

We seek champions and equip them to channel their passion for pets into growth and improvement for themselves and our company. If you’re interested and don’t see an open market in your area, contact us to discuss opportunities in your region.