Work hard. Work with meaning.
Life as a Territory Partner.

As a Trupanion Territory Partner, you’ll be aligned with a company that truly believes—and lives—its mission. We developed this unique entrepreneurial experience for pet lovers who want to make a direct impact and help improve the lives of our furry friends. 

Like the Coca-Cola model, we want to place our product into communities via a local team that understands the needs of the hospitals in their region. Territory Partners are our boots on the ground, and our model rewards them for the connections they build and the success they achieve.


You don’t have to start from scratch.

If entrepreneurship runs in your veins, perhaps you’ve considered starting your own business or buying into a franchise. Both options require considerable up-front investments. 


With small business ownership, it’s difficult to predict how much you’ll need to invest—in time and money—before you gain market awareness and begin generating revenue. You may have thought a franchise is the way to go, but fees can run into six figures. And even if you’re able to get financing for the franchise, you’ll owe royalty payments on top of that. As a Territory Partner for Trupanion, you'll have no up-front costs, no royalty fees, and you’re investing in your own success. The work you put into your exclusive region is a business that will provide long-term passive income—even if you sell your territory.

Get started as a Territory Partner.

This full-time commitment requires consistent call patterns and regular visits to hospitals in your area. As you get started, anticipate making 20–30 face-to-face hospital visits weekly to establish your business and meet goals. It’s crucial to visit veterinarians on a frequent basis to help cultivate habit and reinforce the value of Trupanion. Once you’ve ramped up, you’ll continue to spend a significant amount of time visiting hospitals, making phone calls, and preparing for conversations with hospital decision-makers in your territory. 

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Contact us about becoming a Territory Partner and enjoying the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss.

*Assumes a twice-a-day habit, plus those days where you might need three.