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We're changing the pet medical insurance industry. 


Our story truly began decades ago when a young, future Trupanion founder Darryl Rawlings lost his beloved dog Mitzy—all because his parents couldn’t afford the care she needed. The heartbreak, stress, and embarrassment his family faced because of their inability to pay veterinary costs stayed with him.

This terrible experience sparked his vision to provide a high-quality solution allowing pet owners to do the right thing for their pets and for veterinarians to treat them to the best of their ability. No more “Plan B” treatment plans, no more “wait and see what happens,” and ultimately, no more complex, time-consuming claim experiences.

We’ve made it our business to solve the ultimate pet owner problem of how to budget for unexpected veterinary care.

Fortunately, technology has enabled hospitals to provide more sophisticated treatments for our furry family such as ultrasound, radiation therapy, and MRIs. Unfortunately, the cost of these services may be an unwelcome surprise for many folks simply trying to help their pet stay healthy. Costs can fluctuate throughout a pet’s lifetime if they have a chronic condition such as allergies, making it difficult to determine when extra funds will be needed. One in three pet owners will face unexpected expense that causes financial worry. For one out of 4 pet owners, an unexpected expense of $250 or less is a financial issue.* In 45% of the average veterinarian’s caseload, care is limited by the willingness or ability to pay for treatment.**

Trupanion is here to help pets stay healthy, no matter the cost or number of claims. We give veterinarians the freedom to practice the best medicine and be the most effective advocates for their patients. Unlike other pet insurance providers, we’ll never limit the amount we pay for your pet’s care or reduce coverage. We’re proud to have paid over $2 billion in vet bills! Learn more about Trupanion and our pet-passionate experts.

Deeply devoted to helping pets receive the best care.

All we offer is medical insurance for pets. We don’t have a portfolio of insurance products to remove focus.

Ready to blaze a trail in the thriving medical insurance for pets industry? 

Hear from one of our members.

Veterinarians voted Trupanion #1!

We pay vet hospitals directly with our proprietary software!

*Lifetime of Care Study, 2024

**DVM Newsmagazine 2015


***American Pet Products Association, March 2019

†“Future trend? Millennials could be the boost pet insurance needs,” DVM 360, Dec 17, 2018

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